PokéFarm Net

What is PokéFarm Net?

PokéFarm Net allows pokefarm.org users to take their long links and make them shorter.

Basically, it works in a similar fashion to sites like TinyURL, but safer because only pokefarm.org links can be saved.

When you click a pkfm.net link, you can be sure of where you're going ^_^

Create a link

Creating a link is very simple. Just paste the URL of the page you want to link to, and click "Create link".

Most recent links
http://old.pokefarm.org/forum_singlepost?pid=13565474 => http://pkfm.net/p_4
http://old.pokefarm.org/forum_thread?tid=9258 => http://pkfm.net/p_I
http://old.pokefarm.org/login?qs=qs=page=1 => http://pkfm.net/p_G
http://old.pokefarm.org/login?qs=qs=tid=151179&ret=/forum_thread.php&ret=/login.php => http://pkfm.net/poh
http://old.pokefarm.org/login?qs=post=11873923 => http://pkfm.net/pov

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